Office №11

Issue 11 – Fall/Winter 2019

Last March, office celebrated five years in the industry with an unprecedented anniversary issue that featured ten unique covers. This Fall, the magazine is back with its eleventh issue, and a brand new newsstand in the heart of LA.
For issue 11's groundbreaking covers, office traveled to Los Angeles with photographer Joshua Woods to get to know "Bompton" rapper YG; photographer Jason Nocito rode around New York City with skater Evan Mock;
Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang invited the magazine, and photographer Dexter Navy, into his studio to watch him create his explosive work; and Alex Lockett teamed up with Jersey rapper and Kanye West protege 070 Shake and her girlfriend, Sophia Diana Lodato. Artist Aya Brown tapped into strong Black Lesbian energy for another cover, while Bay Area skateboarding collective and zine printing press Unity Skateboarding championed queerness in the skate world, and photographer Robert Lindholm captured models Olamide Ogundele and Dien in creations by New York City nail artist Juan Alvear with accessories by Balenciaga. Then, photographer Timm Gutt and stylist Nastya Klychkova took readers to Russia, where they shot a group of teenagers hooking up in their cars. That's nine.

Also in the issue is an interview with indie rock phenom Phoebe Bridgers, original propaganda from German conceptual artist Jonathan Meese, a roundtable discussion with curator Kimberly Drew and some of today's most exciting Black voices in the world of opera, and an essay and list of plays that inspired Broadway's new star scribe, Jeremy O. Harris. Artist Andrea Mary Marshall looks into the secret world of The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a controversial Mormon sect, interviewing a former member, Sarah Allred, who escaped the group, and photographing herself in their traditional garments. There's also an unedited (and utterly fabulous) discussion between Luar designer Raul Lopez and former Hood By Air fashion
director Paul Cupo. In addition, Swiss artist Pamela Rosenkranz invited writer Shumon Basar into her world of robotic biomimicry, and curator Noah Khosbhin organized a range of works by Mexican-born artist and tattooist Dr. Lakra, while photographer Gogy Esparza took in the wild costumes (and personalities) of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Alongside these features is the recurring Q&A series, office People, in which the magazine picks the brains of game changers like music producer Michael Uzowuru, Amsterdam-based design studio Odd Matter, shoe designer Pierre Hardy, pro skater-turned-actor (and ultimate millennial) Na-Kel Smith, model and Toxic Shock Syndrome survivor-cum-activist, Lauren Wasser, Houston Texans wide receiver "Nuk" aka DeAndre Hopkins, neo-soul superstar SZA, Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Bert Krak, AMBUSH and Dior Men's jewelry designer, Yoon Ahn, and model Aaron Philip. For this edition of office Sport, photographer Will Grundy captured a crew of models sporting the latest from adidas, and artist Jeffrey Cheung opened up about his vision for creating safe spaces for queer people and womxn in skateboarding. Office Beauty sees an interview with legendary hair stylist Eugene Souleiman, and a glitter-filled editorial by Blommers & Schumm.

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